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Dear friends! We are watching the Great Lie from Internet! The reality is that Saakashvili FIRST bombed Tskhinval on the Day of the Olympian Games! Georgian soldiers SHOT Russian Peace-making armies, peaceful population FIRST and only AFTER this Russian troops came to prevent further destruction. Remember Kosovo, and the US position in that case! If you understand the reality, that means your have a free mind. P.S. Please, send this message to all your friends. Thank you!

Appeal to the Governments and peoples of the world

Our people have been systematically exterminated for the past 19 years by the fascist Georgian regime, and their inhuman atrocities have been neglected by the world for the sake of geopolitical interest of the United States.

The conflict is being resolved in compliance with international law. However, skillfully applying falsification of historical facts and political insinuations, under a patronage from the US government, Georgia misrepresents reality to the world.

As of today, the major part of South Ossetia has been eradicated by Georgian aggressors. Our elderly, women and children continue to die. The total death toll is unknown as the Georgian side was opening heavy fire at those trying to help the wounded. Including children.

The unmatched Georgian brutality has been vividly displayed in 1991-1992, when they have been firing point-blank at South Ossetian civilians - the Zar tragedy can never be forgotten, a bus full of people shot dead - elderly, women and children. They shot a three-year-old boy trying to hide under his mother s body.

What can we talk about with Georgia? How can we forgive burying people alive, burning people, and torturing people with refined methods? After all this, the world is silent and the Georgians continue killing innocent people. Saakashvili doesn t feel sorry for anybody, even his compatriot Georgians. The notions of "people" and "meat" are not too different for him, and probably he prefers the latter.

For South Ossetia there is only one way to survival - a recognition of its independence by the world community. We appeal to all the good people in the world not to be indifferent to the fate of the Ossetian people.


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